The funky world of Linda Charoenlab

Linda Charoenlab was born to make waves in the fashion industry. Fresh out of university she began a career in styling, creating original looks for Thai pop stars. In 2000, she moved to London to continue her studies at the London College of Fashion, where she started out with a T-shirt collection. One thing led to another and Topshop in Oxford, London picked up some her designs. After graduating, she began styling for Intersection, Dazed and Confused and Less Common among others.

Linda then spun a breathtaking new chapter in fashion history in 2009 launching her label Lalalove and a fun and edgy ready-to-wear collection that celebrated the Pa Kao Ma, the Thai traditional loincloth. She used vibrant colors and a wry sense of humour, to sometimes reflect current affairs and the state of the world, delivering serious punches and poking fun at the same time.

Over the years, Lalalove has grown from a modest collection of T-shirts into a multi-national clothing brand, selling through leading retailers around the globe. Lalalove’s signature print designs are edgy, relevant and speak volumes about the brand’s design philosophy. She also prides herself in being eco-friendly with all fabrics being 100 percent digitally made as opposed to the usual silk screening.

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Inspired by her nine-year-old daughter’s school assignment on changes in Bangkok thought the eyes of a child, Linda’s new Autumn-Winter 2018 Collection looks at the city as it is, as it was and as it will be. Taking childlike nostalgia and throwing in present day reality, “Bangkokian” celebrates the city and unique cultural mixes by translating opposing conceptions of yesteryears and today across the entire collection. It revisits Bangkok’s popular styles of a bygone era through vintage magazine covers, former starlets, familiar logos and forgotten fonts. It also incorporates the present day Bangkok catchphrase: “we are looking after your whole life” in a slightly caustic tone.

With her latest collection she also continues to explore, and adapt the Pa Kao Ma for modern usage, with an added selection of green materials such as natural and fair trade fibres. Relaxed silhouettes and loose fits reign supreme with fun frills, statement details and th13e brand’s signature oversized t-shirts. It explores silkscreen, foil, and velvet-like flock and flake techniques.

Linda debuted her Autumn-Winter 2018 collection for the first time in the city with an exclusive showing at the Bangkok Trading Post’s Sunday Brunch Fashion Series 2 on 30 September 2018.

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