The World Is Your Oyster

28/02/19 – 01/07/19

Marble Bar

We are not shucking around. Enjoy oysters fresh from the sea served on the half shell with condiments from around the world and a selection shooters, wines and Champagne. Every day at Marble Bar.

Have a shucking good time at Marble Bar. Enjoy oysters served on the half shell with condiments from around the world and a selection of shooters, wines and Champagne.

Fine de Claire No. 4
Cultured along the French Atlantic coast in the Bassin de Marennes Oléron, a region famed for its oyster production since Roman times, Fine de Claire oysters are renowned for their sweet taste, exceptional balanced earthy flavours, and nutty aroma. The oysters are finished for several weeks in claires (shallow clay ponds), where they acquire a superior shell quality and the subtleties of regional flavours. Fine de Claires are less meaty but more juicy and smooth with an incredible lingering aftertaste.

1 pc: THB 110
3 pcs: THB 380
6pcs: THB 600
12pcs: THB 1,200

The Netherlands (beetroot juice, balsamic cream, raspberry)
Japan (shisho leaves, unsalted Kikkoman soya, ponzu vinegar)
France (shallot chips, black peppercorn, red wine vinegar)
Britain (gin, lime juice, gelatin, sugar, mackerel caviar)
Italy (pesto, Parmesan, breadcrumbs)
Korea (pink ginger confit, salmon caviar, lemon juice)
Sweden (fennel, cucumber, celery, lemon juice, apple jucie)
Thailand (galangal, lemongrass kaffir leaves, butterfly pea flower, coconut water)

Bloody Mary (vodka, tomato, celery, Tabasco)
Tequila spicy sour (tequila, lime, green Tabasco)
1 shooter: THB 90
3 shooters: 250B

White wine by the glass: THB 350
Champagne Vieille France bottle: THB 3,500

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